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Join the Cast

Calling all unconventional conventionists!

Thank you for your interest in joining O’Brien’s Orchestra, Austin’s Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadowcast.

Joining is easy! Fill out this form or come up and talk to us after the show. Letting us know you’re interested in joining us is the first step in becoming part of Austin's premiere Rocky Horror Shadowcast.


Requirements for Joining:


18+ Only

We do not accept cast members under the age of 18 as our shows have adult content. Sorry, no exceptions. Feel free to come back when you turn 18.


Availability & Willingness to Participate

We generally have performances on Saturday nights, but hold monthly rehearsals and other cast events on other days of the week as well.

Previous experience with tech and theater are helpful, but not required. Whether you’re joining us in hopes of becoming a Tech God or because you have a love for the stage, your willingness to participate is key.


Enthusiasm for The Rocky Horror Picture Show!  

Being a part of a Rocky Horror Shadowcast takes time and commitment, so having love and enthusiasm for the thing that brings us all together is essential.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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